Upcoming MicroCap Event: Spring Investor Summit

Spring Investor Summit

Upcoming MicroCap Event: Spring Investor Summit

We recently caught up with Tony Yu to discuss the Spring Investor Summit scheduled for April 1st & 2nd in NYC. The Spring Investor Summit was previously known as The MicroCap Conference.

Q&A below:

What is the event’s history?

Tony Yu: “Since 2015, we’ve been hosting quality conferences with a focus on providing meetings void of service providers for the companies attending.”

Why did you change your name from The MicroCap Conference to the Spring Investor Summit?

Tony Yu: “After our 2nd conference in 2018, we realized that continue growing as a conference- and as a company- we would need to offer our service to companies with a larger market caps than those we have been exclusively working with. In previous years, the largest company we worked with had a cap of maybe $250M but we have several companies joining us in April with caps exceeding $1B.”

When and where is the conference held?

Tony Yu: “The conference is held at the JW Marriot Essex House in Midtown Manhattan, New York City on April 1 & 2. It’s a beautiful venue and fits our conference’s size nicely.”

How would you best describe the summit?

Tony Yu: “A 2-day networking event packed with 1×1 meetings between investors and company executives, peppered with company presentations. We also put together panels on hot topics in the micro- and small-cap spaces.”

Who hosts the summit? Any interesting sponsors?

Tony Yu: “We do! We’re an independent conference, not owned by any banks, law firms, accounting agencies, etc. We do work with and are sponsored by companies that offer relevant services to the companies that attend, such as Marcum LLP, Proactive Investors, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP, Regal Consulting.”

How many attendees do you expect at the Summit?

Tony Yu: “We’re expecting 1000+ total attendees in April. ~200 companies with 800 institutional and retail investors also joining us.”

Who should attend and why?

Tony Yu: “Micro- and small-cap companies that are looking for exposure to new investors eyes as well as investors seeking new and exciting opportunities. Our conference is a great place for networking and becoming acquainted with big players in the space.”

What size and type of public companies should attend? How do they qualify to present?

Tony Yu: “Sizes of companies at our conference vary, with market caps below $10M up to $3B. Check out our website (springinvestorsummit.com) for more info, or email luke@microcapconf.com to ask about qualifications.”

How do potential attendees register?

Tony Yu: “By visiting our website (springinvestorsummit.com), clicking register, and completing the registration form.”

Is there a deadline to register?

Tony Yu: “There’s no hard deadline. However, the closer we get to the conference, the less opportunity there is for a company to receive full exposure to our investor base.”

How much does it cost to attend?

Tony Yu: “The standard package is $5000, with additional options available.”

Anything else potential attendees should know?

Tony Yu: “Our conference has been steadily growing since its inception. Becoming involved in the event has benefitted the majority of our attendees, and we see many familiar faces returning for multiple conferences. We believe this is due to the quality of meetings we procure for the companies we work with as well as the environment and atmosphere we’ve formed over the years.”



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