Are You Calling Your MicroCap Shareholders?

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A recent post from Star Investing that focused on Small Cap ASX issuers brought up a good point with regards to calling your microcap shareholders.

Many MicroCap shareholders are individual retail investors as institutional investors tend to avoid microcaps. Because of that, retail investors can be less informed about what is going on in your company and clearly communicating with them over the phone can provide clarity and build trust. 

The Star Investing articles shares two reasons why SmallCap companies usually contact shareholders by phone:

Current Capital Raises – Contacting shareholders about a particular raise which is going on can attract investment from shareholders that haven’t read about it in your press releases or don’t fully understand the raise.

Fighting Fake News – Fake news can be a big problem for small cap public companies. With few reliable sources of information, shareholders often rely on message boards or less than reputable websites for information. A phone relationship with the company can help management teams build trust with shareholders and fight fake news.


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