What Is The OTCQX Advisory Council?


What Is The OTCQX Advisory Council?

Started in 2015, the OTCQX Advisory Council provides insight and support to the OTC Markets Group senior management team on key issues that impact OTCQX-traded issuers and the public markets.

The Council is comprised of a ten-member board. Collectively, these Council members represent an impressive mix of U.S.-based CEOs and CFOs from a diverse range of geographic and industry sectors.

Throughout the course of the last few years, OTC Markets Group had consulted the OTCQX issuer community on key issues from both a regulatory and visibility perspective including topics such as OTCQX rule changes and national recognition for Blue Sky compliance for secondary trading.

More recently, several of our OTCQX Council members submitted letters of support to the Senate Banking Committee and its Chairman in conjunction with discussions on the Main Street Growth Act—specifically to advocate that Venture Exchanges should include the ATSs, and not just the Exchanges, as rules are developed and tailored to address the needs of smaller public companies.

The OTCQX advisors have also provided feedback on OTC Markets’ corporate visibility efforts and are strong proponents of our Virtual Investor Conference platform as a way for small cap issuers to efficiently tell their stories to investors.

The first meeting of the 2019 OTCQX Advisory Council will convene in April.


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