Upcoming MicroCap Event: The Reg A Conference

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Upcoming MicroCap Event: The Reg A Conference

We recently caught up with Charlie Napolitano to discuss The Reg A Conference scheduled for May 9, 2019.

Q&A below.

What is the conference’s history?

Charlie Napolitano: “This is our second annual event. Since its enactment in 2015, Regulation A has offered an exemption from registration requirements for smaller companies that want to raise equity capital through a public offering of securities. Whether you’re an investor or an executive looking to raise capital at lower cost – and without leaping through the regulatory hoops of a traditional IPO, The Reg A Conference delivers the information you need along with unparalleled networking opportunities to meet the professionals who can help you succeed.”

When and where is the conference held? How did you decide on that location?

Charlie Napolitano: “May 9th, 2019 at the TKP Conference Center in NYC. We chose that location because it is centrally located in midtown Manhattan.”

How would you best describe the event?

Charlie Napolitano: “The Reg A Conference provides company presentations, networking, 1-on-1s, and industry leading speakers.”

Who produces the conference? Who sponsors The Reg A Conference?

Charlie Napolitano: “When it comes to the business of finance, the tag line “A DealFlow Event” is widely recognized as a symbol of quality. We’ve produced over 200 conferences, seminars, and webcasts on a variety of financial topics. These events are the signature programs in their respective markets, offering high-quality content and professional networking opportunities.

Our sponsors for the event are:

  • Continental Sock Transfer Trust
  • HTFL
  • RRBB
  • Mark Roderick
  • Willington Trust
  • Computershare
  • CrowdCheck
  • Toppan Merrill”

Any panels or keynotes planned?

Charlie Napolitano: “Yes, we have a full day of presentations and panels. Please visit https://theregaconference.com/ for more information.”

How many attendees do you expect at this conference?

Charlie Napolitano: “We anticipate about 200 attendees comprising of investors, companies, attorneys, accountants, and investment bankers.

Who should attend the conference and why?

Charlie Napolitano: “Anyone working in the space, considering a Reg A deal, or want to learn more about Reg A.”

What size and type of companies should attend? How do they qualify to present?

Charlie Napolitano: “Any company considering a Reg A deal should attend. To present, please contact me (Charlie Napolitano) at charlie@dealflow.com for more information.”

How do potential attendees register for The Reg A Conference?

Charlie Napolitano: “Through our website https://theregaconference.com/tickets/

Is there a deadline to register for The Reg A Conference?

Charlie Napolitano: “No.”

How much does it cost to attend The Reg A Conference?

Charlie Napolitano: “$795”


Learn more at https://theregaconference.com/


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