Three Main Uplisting Requirements Explained

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Three Main Uplisting Requirements Explained

Uplisting from the OTC Markets to Nasdaq or the NYSE is a goal of many OTC listed issuers. In 2018, 58 companies uplisted from the OTC to a senior exchange.

There are many requirements for uplisting but there are three main uplisting requirements; 1. minimum share price, 2. number of shareholders, and 3. stock-holders’ equity.

The newest issue of MicroCap Review magazine featured an article Joe Lucosky, founding and managing partner of Lucosky Brookman LLP and one of the industry’s foremost uplisting experts. In the article, Lucosky explained the three main uplisting requirements.

Lucosky writes that the three main requirements may seem simple but “there are often misconceptions as to the simplicity of these requirements.

In the article Lucosky expalins uplist complexities such as; reverse mergers, insider ownership, Nasdaq’s informal burn rate rules, D&O inssurance, and more.

You can read the full article in the Spring 2019 issue of MicroCap Review. 



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