Dos And Don’ts For SmallCap Reverse Mergers

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Dos And Don’ts For SmallCap Reverse Mergers

John Lowy shared his Dos and Donts for smallcap reverse mergers in a recent issue of MicroCap Review Magazine.

According to Lowy; “going public isn’t for the faint of heart. So, before a private company embarks upon this route, the following not all-inclusive list of Dos and Don’ts should be considered carefully.”

Reverse Mergers Dos: 

  • Do retain experienced attorneys
  • Do engage experienced, PCAOB-registered accountants
  • Do try to hire a CEO and a CFO with previous public company experience
  • Do carefully check the backgrounds of the people you are dealing with on the public company side
  • Do retain a reputable Investor Relations firm
  • Do prepare and disseminate, as widely and as often as possible, news/announcements about the company


Reverse Merger Don’ts:

  • Don’t go into the reverse merger process blindly
  • Don’t think that going public via reverse merger is a “get rich quick” deal
  • Don’t ignore your shareholders


Read the entire article in the Spring 2019 issue of MicroCap Review.



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