SEC Suspends 57 OTC Securities

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SEC Suspends 57 OTC Securities

Last Friday, the SEC suspended 57 OTC Securities due to lack of current and accurate public information concerning the securities.

Each of the issuers was suspended for at least one of three reasons;

1) the issuer failed to respond to SEC staff’s inquiry about its operating status, did not have an operational address, or failed to provide its registered agent with an operational address;

2) the SEC staff confirmed with the issuer that it was no longer in operation; or

3) the SEC staff confirmed that the issuer is a failed bank.

Suspended Issuers Include; 

Advanced Engine Technologies, Inc. (AENG)
Algiers Bancorp, Inc. (ALGC)
Allegiance Bank of North America (ABPA)
Amistar Corp. (AMTA)
Armor Electric, Inc. (ARME)
Avantogen Oncology, Inc. (AVTO)
Bay National Corp. (BAYN)
BGI, Inc. (BGII)
Blackout Media Corp. (BKMP)
Blue River Bancshares, Inc. (BRBI)
Canadian Aerospace Group International, Inc. (CASG)
Celexpress, Inc. (CELX)
Central Florida State Bank (CEFB)
Chapeau, Inc. (CPEU)
Cortez Community Bank (COTZ)
Dermisonics, Inc. (DMSI)
digiMedical Solutions, Inc. (DGMS)
Ecoloclean Industries, Inc. (ECCI)
E-data Corp. (EDTA)
Entertainment Arts, Inc. (ETAR)
FiberCore, Inc. (FBCE)
First Banking Center, Inc. (FBCI)
First Commerce Community Bankshares, Inc. (FCGA)
Garuda Capital Corp. (GRUA)
Georgia Bancshares, Inc. (GABA)
Global eScience Corp. (GSNC)
Golden Age Resources, Inc. (GDAR)
Golden Patriot Corp. (GPTC)
Great Basin Financial Corp. (GBFL)
Green Oasis Environmental, Inc. (GRNO)
Hard to Treat Diseases, Inc. (HTDS)
Home Valley Bancorp Inc. (HVYB)
Independent BancShares, Inc. (IBFL)
Interactive Motorsports and Entertainment Corp. (IMTS)
Isbre Holding Corp. (ISBH)
Medical Media Television, Inc. (MMTV)
Medical Staffing Solutions, Inc. (MSSI)
MetroPacific Bank (MPBK)
Mirae Bancorp (MRAB)
Mobilized Entertainment, Inc. (MENI)
Modtech Holdings, Inc. (MODTQ)
Motor Sport Country Club Holdings, Inc. (VIIN)
National Silver-Lead Mining Co. (NSLM)
Northport Network Systems, Inc. (NNWS)
Penthouse International, Inc. (PHSL)
Primix Corporation (PMXX)
Prineville Bancorporation (PNVL)
Rapidtron, Inc. (RPDT)
RiverRun Resources, Inc. (RRRO)
Silver Falls Bank (SVFL)
SOYO Group, Inc. (SOYO)
Syringa Bancorp (SGBP)
Systems Technology Associates, Inc. (STAI)
Terra Systems Inc. (TSYI)
Trio Industries Group, Inc. (TRIG)
Ventura County Business Bank (VCBB)


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