Reg CF (Crowdfunding) Update

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Reg CF (Crowdfunding) Update shared a post this week celebrating Reg CF’s 3rd anniversary.

In the post, the highlight the ups and downs of Reg CF over the last 3 years and summarize where we are today.

Reg CF, the smallest crowdfunding exemption, allows an issuer to raise up to $1.07 million in a highly regulated environment. Issuers must use FINRA approved “Funding Portals” or Broker-Dealers as intermediaries in the funding process.

According to Crowdfund Insider; “there are 44 approved funding portals operating in the Reg CF sector; 9 funding portals have exited the sector and one has been suspended.

It seems as though Crowdfunding portals have been struggling to turn a profit and support their business models. Many portals have expanded to offering a full suite of offering options (not just Reg CF) including; Reg D, Reg A, and even Token Offerings.


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