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We are always looking for original professional content to share with our readers*. If you have content you would like to share with our readers, please contact us.

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General Guest Post Guidelines: 

1. Your guest post should be well written.

Here are some tips:

-Article should be at least 500 words long.
-Don’t re-write the same idea throughout the article several times just for the sake of making it longer
-Edit your post well, you should read and re-write it several times, so it makes perfect sense.
-Be coherent throughout the article, don’t jump from one idea to the other
-Have a good conclusion for the article, it should encourage conversation and discussion and it should sum up what you’ve talked about in your piece.

2. Include an author bio with your guest post, 1-5 sentences long, make it interesting and easy to read, include a head shot and link to your website and social media accounts (if applicable). Additionally, include any applicable disclaimers.

3. Consider who our readers are (MicroCap professionals ie. CEOs, service providers, investors) and try to make the post relevant to them in language our average reader would understand.

4. Please share informative posts and do not promote yourself, your firm, or any public companies in your posts. Feel free to self promote in your bio.


Some Potential Topics

What types of funding is available to microcap public companies?

What are the most important things to microcap investors?

Who invests in microcap companies?

Why should microcap public companies work with investment banks?

Why should microcap public companies attend conferences?

What is a roadshow and how should microcaps go about them?

What are the best ways for microcap management teams to meet investors?

What are the most important terms of a convertible note?

What are the most important terms of an equity line?

Pros & Cons of uplisting from the OTC to a Senior Exchange

How microcap management teams can make the most of investor conferences

5 keys to microcap investor relations success

How microcaps use social media for IR

Guide to microcap executive compensation

How microcaps can have successful quarterly earnings calls

What happens if a public company is late in their filings?


Above are topics our readers want to learn about. If you want to write about these topics, or if you would like to suggest a topic, please contact us




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