QBie™ Spotlight

Tell Your OTCQB Story

While many in the finance community overlook OTCQB issuers, they are the core of PubCoCEO™.

Joining the QB is a very exciting milestone for many microcap public companies. We welcome issuers to “America’s venture exchange” by sharing their stories with our network of microcap professionals!

Do I Qualify?:

If you are a member of the management team of a microcap public company, that joined the OTCQB in the last 3 months, you qualify for a QBie™ Spotlight interview.

You Get:

Your short and sweet interview will be:
1. Shared on the homepage of our website,
2. Emailed to our network of microcap professionals,
3. Shared with our social media networks.

Next Step:

Contact us to receive your interview template and instructions. Once received, just complete the form and send it back… we will do the rest!


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