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Five Ways to Stand Out at an Investor Networking Event

Investor conferences and networking events are great ways to get face-to-face with investors but with limited time and lots of competition for attention, it can be difficult to stand out? In a recent post on the Axial Forum Sarah Plater shared five ways to stans out at an investor networking event. Plater’s tips include; 1. Prepare a 20-second elevator pitch 2. Open with

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A Few Things To Bring To A Traditional Business Loan Meeting

In a recent post on the Axial Forum, Katie Morell discusses “Your Business Loan Checklist“.  Morell shares a few things entrepreneurs should bring to a business loan meeting. Morell says that entrepreneurs should bring the following to a business loan meeting; Your resume and company history Annual company financial statements Personal financial statements and income tax returns Legal documents   Learn more HERE.

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Tips For Saving On MicroCap Compliance Costs

In a LinkedIn post last week, Andrew Befumo -(CEO of Small Biz Support, LLC) shared some advice for “Saving On Small-Cap Compliance Expense“. According to Befumo, “as much as 60% of the legal costs of running a smaller public company could be saved if the company knew how to talk to the lawyers, accountants, auditors and other professionals that serve them.”

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What Types of Companies Should Use Regulation A+ To Raise Capital?

Rod Turner, CEO of Manhattan Street Capital (MSC) and regular contributor to Forbes, recently re-posted an article he wrote for in late May. In his post, Turner discusses What Types of Companies Should Use Regulation A+ To Raise Capital. Turner suggests that the following types of businesses would be good candidates to raise capital with Reg A+;   Lifestyle companies

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OTC CEO’s: Want Respect? Then Pay Yourselves. [Guest Post]

Guest Post By: About Mark R. Basile, Esq.  There are two sides to the position of OTC (microcap) CEO pay. Either you should have the privilege to work for free for shareholders and investors, or you can be a real professional and pay yourselves a reasonable salary. If you want to raise real money, pay yourself. I can’t begin to tell you

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Beware of IR/PR Pirates

  If you are part of a microcap’s management team, you are probably contacted daily (if not hourly!) by IR/PR “professionals”. While there are a lot of great professionals looking to help microcap public companies, there are also plenty of questionable characters looking to provide “IR/PR services” to microcaps (or, “IR/PR Pirates”).  Colin Jordan (the senior communications manager for Egnyte) recently shared a post on

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