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PubCo Reporting Solutions, Inc. Named The Official Founding Outsourced CFO/Accounting Firm Sponsor of PubCoCEO™

We are proud to announce that PubCo Reporting Solutions, Inc. has joined us as the Official Founding Outsourced CFO/Accounting Firm Sponsor of PubCoCEO™. PubCo Reporting Solutions is an affordable and experienced option for companies that are looking to delegate their major CFO and reporting obligations. From the preparation of financial statements, to the demands of public regulatory compliance, PubCo Reporting

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MicroCap Audit Firm Charged With Fraud

This week, the SEC charged Anton & Chia LLP with conducting flawed audits and reviews of financial statements, which are critical sources of information for investors. The SEC’s Enforcement Division alleges that Anton & Chia and its accountants ignored numerous indications of fraudulent financial reporting by three of the firm’s audit clients – microcap companies Accelera Innovations Inc. (OTCPINK: ACNV), Premier Holding Corp.

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