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The Inexpensive Business Development Tools for Direct MicroCap Investors

A recent post on the Axial Forum looked at “The Best (and Least Expensive) Business Development Tool for Private Equity.” Many of those principles can be applied to microcap deal sourcing. The author, Brandon Labrum of Fund Lab, shared four deal sourcing tips for investors and advisors regardless of types of deals they do. 1. Newswires alone weren’t built for

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US Treasury Report Outlines Ways to Boost Capital Markets

A new report from The US Department of Treasury looks at ways ways the government may streamline and reduce burdens of capital markets regulation. Some ways the Treasury believes lawmakers can boost the capital markets include; – State securities regulators update their regulations to exempt secondary trading of Tier 2 securities from Blue Sky rules or alternatively the SEC preempts

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SEC Chairman Shares Concerns Over Fewer Public Companies with House Committee

In his first hearing before the House Financial Services Committee since he took the helm of the SEC, Jay Clayton (SEC Chairman) discussed the troubling trend of fewer public companies. Clayton said that “without IPOs of growing companies, we have a shrinking and generally more mature portfolio of public companies. This is a significant concern. A shrinking proportion of public

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