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Four Tips For CEOs Dealing With Activist Investors

A recent HBR article by Frank Partnoy and Steven Davidoff Solomon looks at “What CEOs Get Wrong About Activist Investors.” The authors write, “We were shareholder activists once…. we realized there were valuable lessons that we wanted to share with the corporate leaders who are likely to confront the risk of an activist campaign.” Four tips for CEOs from an activist

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10 Tips for Dealing with SmallCap Activist Shareholders

In 2016, the sub-$2 billion market cap arena accounted for 78% of all activist targets. A post on the Sharon Merrill Associates blog shares 10 Tips for Dealing with Shareholder Activism. Maureen Wolff, President and Partner, Sharon Merrill Associates writes “For many companies, a looming activist shareholder is no longer the exception – it’s the rule.” Wolff shares 10 tips for dealing with

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