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Four “C”s of MicroCap Investor Relations

A new post, by Mark Collinson & Elaine Ketchmere of Compass Investor Relations, on OTC Markets’ blog looks at “The True Value of Best Practice Disclosure.” According to the post; “following the “4Cs” – clarity, compliance, consistency and credibility, will turn the company’s Investor Relations activity and its disclosure practices into an important force in favor of true value and a protection

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5 Ways Corporate Governance Improves Investor Relations

  In May, OTC Markets Group and Compass Investor Relations hosted a webinar about what investors expect from companies in today’s highly-competitive capital markets. A recent post on the OTC Markets’ blog, summarize five ways to use corporate governance to improve investor relations.  According to the blog post, “The capital markets are very competitive. This is a crowded field where you need to compete to

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