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New White Paper About SmallCap Corporate Governance

Recently OTC Markets & IR Magazine published a new white paper about smallcap corporate governance. Often associated with larger firms, corporate governance is just as important for small and micro-cap companies. By adhering to high governance standards, small-caps are better placed to achieve their goals and attract new investment. Appropriate internal controls of a smallcap look different from those of

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New Study Identifies Key Corporate Governance Differences Between Microcap & Larger Companies

A new study, “Microcap Board Governance,” conducted by Board Governance Research LLC and commissioned by the Investor Responsibility Research Center Institute (IRRCi), examines the governance practices at 160 microcap companies, representing approximately ten percent of all companies with less than $300 million in market capitalization traded on a major U.S. stock exchange. Among the study’s key findings were: Microcaps typically

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Uplist Series Part II: Corporate Governance [Guest Post]

Guest Post By: Todd Heinzl Welcome to Part II of our Uplisting Series: Corporate Governance – for many CEOs this subject is like watching paint dry. At the same time most realize that not only is Corporate Governance a mandatory requirement for your company to list on the NASDAQ Capital Markets (“NASD”) or the New York Stock Exchange American (“NYSE”) but

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