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Rising Interest Rates Could Crush Some Small Caps

A recent post on CFO.com summarizes the Institute of International Finance’s (IIF) latest capital markets monitor report. According to the IIF’s latest capital markets monitor report, “U.S. Corporates’ Net Debt: An Uneven Burden,” in the last 10 years “U.S. corporations have experienced a deterioration in their ability to pay interest on outstanding debt.” “While leverage has increased across the board

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A Few Things To Bring To A Traditional Business Loan Meeting

In a recent post on the Axial Forum, Katie Morell discusses “Your Business Loan Checklist“.  Morell shares a few things entrepreneurs should bring to a business loan meeting. Morell says that entrepreneurs should bring the following to a business loan meeting; Your resume and company history Annual company financial statements Personal financial statements and income tax returns Legal documents   Learn more HERE.

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Market Makers Understand MicroCap Toxic Debt

  In an article on OTCWorkouts.com, Tom Allinder discusses how market makers understand microcap toxic debt.  According to Allinder, “one of the fundamentals they look at which is the deciding factor on how they trade the stock is how much debt a company is carrying. Specifically, how much convertible debt, who owns the debt and who owns preferred shares in the company.“ The

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