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Five Things To Consider When Retaining A MicroCap Investment Banker

In Part III of our Uplist Series, Todd Heinzl, of The Governance Box and UpListing.com, discussed the role of investment banking in uplisting. In the post Heinzl shared five things to consider when deciding which microcap investment banker is best for your company: 1. Capabilities/Credentials/Experience. Who will lead the equity capital markets and syndication functions for your company’s offering? Who will be your

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Uplist Series Part III: Investment Banking

Welcome to Part III of our UpListing Series: Investment Banking. In order to Uplist to NASDAQ or NYSE, there is no requirement that your company undertake an offering to raise capital provided you meet the Exchange requirements. Specifically, if your company has the required amount of shareholders and at least $5m in shareholders equity then a simultaneous capital raise is

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