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SmallCap Public Relations – The Gift That Keeps On Giving

In a new post on IRMagazine.com, Jeffrey Goldberger of  KCSA Strategic Communications discussed “Public relations: The lifeline for clinical-stage micro-cap pharma companies.” According to Goldberger, the lack of news flow (especially microcap life science companies) results in lower stock price and trading volume which ultimately decreases a microcap companies ability to raise equity capital. There are three traditional IR chances for

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Four IR Tips For MicroCap Cannabis Companies

Jeffrey Goldberger and Lewis Goldberg shared a recent post on IRMagazine.com titled “Not blowing smoke: Improving cannabis companies’ investor comms.” The authors write; “From a capital markets perspective, the [cannabis] industry raises many issues, including how to raise money and invest in cannabis, and for the C-suites and boards of cannabis-producing public companies, how to effectively communicate with key stakeholders.”

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Important Rules For ALL MicroCap Management Teams

In a recent post on IRMagazine.com, Jeffrey Goldberger (KCSA Strategic Communications) shared “Top tips to reduce the micro-cap performance gap“. In the post Goldberger shared these four important rules for all microcap management teams: 1. Embrace who you are – In many ways, microcap companies should not act like large and mega cap public companies. Microcap teams should embrace their unique characteristics

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