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OTC Markets Group Introduces Canari To Assign Risk Scores To OTC Issuers

Last week, OTC Markets Group Inc. introduced Canari — a premium web-based tool designed to provide users with a comprehensive view of quantitative compliance data for OTCQX®, OTCQB®, Pink® and Grey Market securities. Through its intuitive user interface, Canari helps clients quickly access risk scoring metrics and drill down into 110 essential data points at the security level. The tool

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OTC Markets Group Introduces Small Cap Listed Compliance Product

Last week, OTC Markets Group introduced a first of its kind compliance product designed to provide broker-dealers and compliance and risk management teams with an efficient and turnkey data set to standardize the process for evaluating over 1,800 sub $500 million market cap equities listed on a national stock exchange. The new Small Cap Listed Compliance Product allows firms to enhance

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OTC Markets Working on Potential Solutions to Stock Promotions & Toxic Financing

  In the OTC Markets’ most recent blog, Matt Fuchs (EVP of Market Data at OTC Markets Group) explored “Stock Promotion – Context, Concerns & Potential Solutions“.  Fuchs discusses the negative effect ‘stock promotions’ and ‘toxic financing’ can have on small public companies. According to the post, the 2016 dollar volume trading for promoted securities (466 securities) was only 2.04% of total

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