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Reg A+ May Soon Be Available for SEC Reporting Public Companies

HR 2864 (aka; the Improving Access to Capital Act), a bill sponsored by House Representatives Kyrsten Sinema and Trey Hollingsworth, seeks to expand Reg A+ access to “fully reporting” public companies. There is no clear reason why Reg A+ is not currently available to SEC reporting issuers. Private issuers and non SEC reporting public issuers, like those traded on the OTC PINK tier, can use Reg

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Market Makers Understand MicroCap Toxic Debt

  In an article on OTCWorkouts.com, Tom Allinder discusses how market makers understand microcap toxic debt.  According to Allinder, “one of the fundamentals they look at which is the deciding factor on how they trade the stock is how much debt a company is carrying. Specifically, how much convertible debt, who owns the debt and who owns preferred shares in the company.“ The

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CEO’s of MicroCap Pubco’s: To Confess or Not to Confess (Judgments that is) [Guest Post]

Guest Post By: Mark R. Basile, Esq.    You put together this great company, you spend time and money developing products and services, you surround yourself with people who believe in you and what you are doing and you really want to be successful. Being a CEO is all about evaluating risk/reward. The greater the risk – the greater the reward,

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PiPEs Are Still the Financing Method of Choice for MicroCap Public Companies

  According to a survey conducted by OTC Markets Group this year, 92% of respondents that raised capital last year say they used a private placement or private-investment-in-public-equity (PIPE) financing. 117 CEOs and CFOs of U.S. and international companies under $2 billion in market capitalization traded on the OTCQX and OTCQB markets responded to the survey. Interestingly, nearly 6.5% of respondents say they plan to

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