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Do You Know About A Small Cap Company’s Most Underappreciated Secret Weapon?

In a recent post on CommPro.biz, Gregg Castano writes about “Public Relations: The Small Cap Company’s Underappreciated Secret Weapon.” Castano writes that positive perception of a company by the broader public, as a result of public relations, can result in at least four favorable outcomes: 1. lower cost of capital, 2. an ability to attract new investors, 3. increased market capitalization,

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Micro-cap, Macro Problem: The MicroCap Image Problem & Tips To Fix It [Guest Post]

Guest Post By: Gregg Castano  When most relatively knowledgeable investors think of the term “micro-cap”, the first word that comes to mind is “risk”. These companies, by definition, have low market capitalizations, but also low trading volume, limited assets and often no track record, operations, revenues or fully developed and tested products. These myriad factors can combine into a toxic mix

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