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Micro-cap, Macro Problem: The MicroCap Image Problem & Tips To Fix It [Guest Post]

Guest Post By: Gregg Castano  When most relatively knowledgeable investors think of the term “micro-cap”, the first word that comes to mind is “risk”. These companies, by definition, have low market capitalizations, but also low trading volume, limited assets and often no track record, operations, revenues or fully developed and tested products. These myriad factors can combine into a toxic mix

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Five Tips for Communicating MicroCap M&A Activity

In a recent post in IRMagazine, Shane Dolan (Managing Director of FTI CONSULTING) shared “Five tips for effectively managing M&A communications“. M&A is a popular growth strategy among small public companies. Dolan writes that “due diligence and a thoughtful communications strategy from both an internal and an external stakeholder perspective.” Five tips for communicating M&A activity are; 1. Be in control 2. Remain

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Three Tips For MicroCap CEOs Who Are Bad With PR

Filomena Fanelli, CEO/founder of Impact PR & Communications, shared a post on www.commpro.biz titled “My CEO/Spokesperson Isn’t Interview Material…Now What?” In here post, Fanelli shares three tips for CEOs who are bad with public relations. 1. Avoid Unscripted Moments – Reporters often appreciate receiving submitted quotes, statements and even well-written, comprehensive press releases that they can easily tweak into stories. Likewise, publications are

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