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One of The Cannabis Industry’s Biggest Brands Announces Nasdaq Reg A+ IPO

One of the oldest and biggest names in the cannabis space, High Times, is officially going public on the Nasdaq via Regulation A+. Last week, High Times announced that the Reg A share price will be set at $11, a valuation of approximately $225 million, and anyone can buy shares just by visiting hightimes.com/invest. The Reg A+ announcement comes after

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Panel Recordings From The Reg A Conference Available For Viewing

Yesterday, several hundred finance and legal professionals and investors participated in The Reg A Conference in New York City. The conference featured panels and keynotes covering a lot of hot Reg A topics. All of those panels and keynotes are now available for free online viewing! Some of the panels you can view on the conference website include;  The State

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Should You IPO?

A recent post on CFO.com asked “Should You IPO?” The author, Keith Button, concludes that “Unless your company is big, profitable, and a category leader, the wisest choice may be to wait.” Button shares three reasons why most companies should wait to go public: 1. No Need – Two of the primary reasons for going public are to raise capital and

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Bitzumi Launches First Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Related Reg A+

Yesterday, Bitzumi announced its Regulation A+ offering with the goal of raising $10 million USD. Co-founded by James Altucher and Scot Cohen, Bitzumi is a digital content and asset platform that plans to enable users to transact in the cryptocurrency and blockchain marketplace. Bitzumi is building a next generation decentralized exchange and acquiring a network of crypto and blockchain related digital

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ADOMANI Closes S-1 Secondary At Large Discount to Reg A+ IPO

Earlier this month, ADOMANI, Inc. (NASDAQ: ADOM) announced the closing of a registered public offering at a relatively large discount to its June 2017 Reg A+ IPO. In June, ADOMANI raised $14.261 million through Regulation A+ by selling 2,852,275 million shares of common stock at a price of $5.00 per share. Following the Reg A+ offering, ADOMANI listed on Nasdaq. ADOM shares

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