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Save On Dividend Issuance Fees With This Trusted Paying Agent

Paying agents provide payments in the form of check, ACH, wire, or additional stock issuances (when acting as the registered agent) for stock dividends or coupons, interest and principal on bonds. Transfer Online’s payment processes have been refined and simplified by industry leading professionals in the securities industry. They have been a trusted paying agent since 1999! To ensure that

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MicroCap Public Companies Are Saving on State Fees by Re-Domiciling to Wyoming

Sponsored Small public companies can pay as much as $10,000 in annual state fees depending on where they are domiciled. While some companies continue to pay thousands, savvy microcap management teams have been re-domiciling to states like Wyoming in an effort to cut costs. By re-domiciling, microcap companies can save thousands. For example, in Wyoming, the annual state fee is

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