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Ten Tips For Entrepreneurs Who Decide to Go Public [Guest Post]

Guest Post By: Robert F. Licopoli First a disclaimer, this article is written for entrepreneurs by an entrepreneur. I’m not a lawyer, accountant, or a financial services expert. I’m someone who is passionate about building a successful business and wrote this article about my personal experiences. In no way is this article meant to be a legal advice or a thorough

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Underwriting Stock and the Art of Legal Stock Price Manipulation [Guest Post]

Guest Post By: Irwin Stein, Esq.  There is a synergy in the stockbrokerage world upon which few people focus but without which the entire system of that capital formation as we know it might suffer. When a stockbrokerage firm sells its customers shares in an IPO both the firm and the customers want the same thing; they want the shares to

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How and Why Level Brands Switched From A S-1 IPO to a Reg A+

Level Brands recently became the second issuer to complete a Reg A+ IPO and list on the NYSE American Exchange. NYSE: LEVB raised $12 million by selling 2 million shares at $6 each at a pre-money valuation of $35 million. LEVB wasn’t always on a path to completing a Reg A+ IPO. In fact, one week before completing and S-1 IPO the

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