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Complete White Label & Back Office Solutions For Companies Making Stock Offerings

Sponsored Stock Offering Solutions (SOS) provides complete white label and back office solutions for companies making stock offerings. From private placements to Reg A+ IPOs, SOS provides everything you need to create offerings and close investments. SOS’s back office solutions are a document management systems created by industry professionals to efficiently receive, manage, and recall investor information. This is a

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Financial Industry Back Office Solutions Development & Escrow Management For SmallCap Companies Built On Experience

Sponsored From Reg A+ IPOs to Private placements, smallcap companies are using Stock Offering Solutions (SOS) to easily 1. create document management and database solutions, 2. open an escrow, and 3. implement dynamic programming solutions. Whether you’re gauging investor interest by Testing the Waters or raising capital or issuing shares to investors, SOS makes the process of managing documents simple

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